Your source for new, rebuilt and hard-to-find or obsolete parts for Rain Bird ® and Toro ® irrigation components including rotors, impacts, conversion assemblies, cases, controllers and valves.

Sprinklers break. They stop turning for all kinds of reasons. They weep, leak or just don’t rotate the way they should. They won’t pop up or they stay popped up when they should be in the ground. Frustrating? Yes. Is there a solution? Yes. Send them to SportsTurf Irrigation for repair. Eagle Rotors, Brass Impacts, Toro® conversion assemblies, pilot valves, selector switches, and bottom valves can all be repaired. THE SAVINGS IS HUGE. Stop replacing or throwing out broken sprinklers and parts. You are throwing away money. Call SportsTurf Irrigation and find out how you can save money with sprinkler repair and repair kits.

Need sprinklers or parts? Call SportsTurf Irrigation for fully warranted, fully reconditioned sprinklers, parts and controllers. We now offer non-OEM electric bottom valves and cases for eagle 500-755 series rotors. We also offer non-OEM electric bottom/foot valves for Toro ® 1” and 1 ½” cases.

Upgrading your system? SportsTurf Irrigation is always interested in purchasing your old sprinklers, just a few or hundreds.

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